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After retiring from the video game industry in the summer of 2008, I started working with a number of songwriters in the Baltimore area. KirKat Music (BMI) was created to help facilitate the publishing of these talented artists songs. So far we have published three projects which are available now through Amazon. Click on the album cover to take you to the album on Amazon:


And here's a little more about JAGB -

JAGB (Just Another Garage Band) "Beg, Steal, or Borrow" was released on 8/1/15,

and is available now on Amazon, CDBaby, and iTunes.

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Many have asked, “What's the story behind the video for ‘Beg, Steal, or Borrow'?”

The story begins with a young girl as we follow her through life. With each verse we see stages of the passing years – a child, a teenager, a mother, a grandmother.

With each chorus we see the tides of political change sweeping across the world as iconic images of different political and social movements are represented both through historical images and iconic images of hands – communism, fascism, socialism, religions, and other social movements. Each new movement comes with leaders who change the fabric of the world. And we see the impact of these world changes on the child we are watching grow up ( political and social changes affect individuals ), and we watch the passing years turn from blue skies to grey.

We see history repeating itself as man seems unable to break out of a cycle of poverty and destruction. Old images turn to new as we see the cycle repeating itself – Arch Duke Ferdinand to Tunisia and the start of the Arab spring, Bank runs of the depression to the run on the banks in Greece, The slaughter of Jews in the 40's to the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East today, and of course the handshake of Neville Chamberlin to Secretary of State Kerry.

And as the song progresses we see the Earth continue to turn…a god view of the world, and the passing of time.

In the end we see the iconic hands one more time; this time representing the idea that only LOVE can solve the problems we face. We cannot legislate morality; each individual must discover and extend love to their fellow man, and embrace a sense of personal responsibility. And so the sun continues to rise each day ( each moment in life ) with the possibilities of a bright and hopeful future, as we see the next generation… our little girl's girl …now reaching out.

Will we do what it takes? Will you do what it takes? History has shown us that more government, more laws, and more regulations, are not the answer. All of these along with various philosophies and religions have been tried…and all have failed. If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. Change cannot be forced from the outside, but must happen individually on the inside - one person at a time. If you want to make a change in your world, then start with yourself, and then extend Love to your fellow man.

We've got a job to do, it's all up to me and you, we know that's the only way.



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