Studio Recording

We really enjoy having the studio here for lessons, demo work, and professional production work. I still do recordings on occasion for computer games, churches and schools, small album projects, and even the occasional theater company tracks. My studio is small and is probably not the best choice for a live band. However, if you'd like to do some recording as a soloist, a composer, or even a small album project, I be happy to talk to you about doing it here. What I can provide:

    • Quality recording and equipment
    • Over 30 years of experience in live and studio sound
    • Over 20 years of experience as a professional composer and recording artist
    • Reasonable rates
If you're in the Baltimore area and would like to talk about recording here, feel free to give me a call (410) 665-3143, or e-mail.

Here are some clips from recordings at the Studio:

These links are to a few videos from JAGB (Just Another Garage Band). All the tracks were recorded here in the studio except for the drums which were recorded at Maximus Recording Studio in Fresno California. All editing, mixing, and post-production was done here in house. The video work was also all done in studio and shot on location in various places around the Baltimore area.

Gotta Have My Cell Phone

Beg, Steal, or Borrow

Lust Ain't Love

This is an example of a "Music Minus One" type song. Everything except the lead vocal came from a Track. When recording these, I like to fly the track into the sequencer and line up and measures for easy editing purposes. I usually will record 3 or 4 passes of the person singing the song, and then we'll mix that down choosing the best parts of each take. This is a Japanese song my daughter liked from a game called Final Fantasy:


Music Minus One Vocal

Since I am a classical guitar player, I thought it would be fun to work on recording some solo guitar pieces that I played years ago on my senior recital. I found mic placement to be very important for this recording, and I experimented with numerous placements and EQ settings before I was happy. Since it's so exposed, every little noise in the environment or from my fumbling fingers was put under a microscope. I finally settled on a placement that was about 12 inches away from my right ear, slightly above and in front of the guitar and aimed at about a 45 degree angle to the plane of the soundboard. I attempted to not solve problems through EQ, as that tends to color the sound. However, I did ultimately set a high-pass filter on as well as rolled off some of the extreme low end. I found this to produce a sound that is very close to what I am used to hearing as the player.

Solo Classical Guitar

This song was used in a school play. We could not find a track for it at the time, so I used the opening and ending from the actual recording, and then in the middle replaced the piano with my samplers. Getting my sampled piano to sound the same as the recording was a trick as it had to switch mid-stream in the middle of the song seamlessly. I found getting the EQ and the Reverb audio space a bit tricky, but I think we finally got something pretty close. If you listen at the end of the song the last bits of the piano switch from what I recorded to what was in the original track. The vocal was all recorded here.

Vocal Track